We get it. Sometimes a dynamic, full 6 pc. R&B band can be a bit much in an intimate setting.

That's why we offer a more, shall we say, 'streamlined' version of The Rhythm Syndicate...3 SyndiCats...or 2...or even 1...take your pick...it's The Rhythm Syndicate...'Abbreviated'. Or, 'TRS", for short.

Well, it's not short, it's an acronym, but you get the idea.

2022 Schedule:

3/19/22 Quarry Hill Winery 6PM

7/15/22 / Teamz Sports Bar / Berea 8PM

7/29/22 Tony Ks / Berea 8PM

8/6/22 Akronym Brewery 7PM

9/23/22 Tony Ks / Berea 8PM