When you've been around 15 years, you've gotta be doing something right. The Rhythm Syndicate have clearly been doing just that since the mid 90's, when guitarists Pat Sandy and Angelo Ciu first met up at one of the many jam sessions that dotted the nascent mid-90's Cleveland blues scene. It was there that the idea to form a band was hatched and recruiting began. It didn't take long to find like-minded hepcats and soon, the bluesy, soulful and classic sound of The Rhythm Syndicate was established.

Sandy and Ciu are joined by the monster sax sounds of Kevin Dyckes and the dynamic drumming of Ernie Molner. The band is further rounded out with Mr. Groove himself...the impeccable Len Gray in the bass chair.

Together, The Rhythm Syndicate can light up a club in ferocious fashion, and suddenly take it down to a whisper without breaking a sweat. They'll run through soul, Motown, classic rock and throw in a touch of blues and perhaps swing when the moment calls for it...in other words, you're in for an exciting evening when TRS visits.

Check 'em out sometime, but a word of caution: you'll be staying late.